Friday, March 4, 2011

Cinnamon Punjabi Malpua

Cinnamon Punjabi Malpua
200 gm                                    Khoya (grated)
300 gm                                    Maida
80 ml                                       Milk
80 ml                                       Water
2”pieces                                   Cinnamon sticks
2 cups                                      Sugar
For frying                                Desi Ghee
1.      In a bowl combine khoya, maida, milk and water to make a smooth batter.
2.      In a saucepan add cinnamon sticks and sugar with 2 cups water and boil to make sugar syrup thick enough to coat back of wooden spoon and keep aside.
3.      For malpuas, heat ghee in a frying pan, place a ring mould in the centre and spoon batter into the mould. Fry till golden on one side, remove mould, turn over and cook the other side till golden. Remove, put into the sugar syrup for a minute, remove and drain.
Serve with Rabri & enjoy...


  1. Zebiji, you are rocking!!!!Tried some of your recipes and it came out so well. Thank you very much. Eagerly waiting for more such exciting recipes. Happy cooking[:)]

  2. Hi Zebi much is 80 ml milk ?? how to measure ??? can u please put up the step by step pictures

  3. ur dishes r just awsome